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Lead the next wave of music creation. Push your creative boundaries. Immerse your fans on another level.

Dolby Atmos Music Overview

Open up a new dimension of creativity

  • Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio experience that empowers creators to place discrete audio elements or objects in a three-dimensional sound field, which is not possible in channel-based surround audio like 5.1.
  • Dolby Atmos can adapt to any playback environment and give your fans an immersive experience that matches your original vision in the studio.
  • Watch the artist teaser below, and click here to watch the full series.

Available wherever your audience is

  • Dolby Atmos devices are becoming more available every day, including the all-new Amazon Echo Studio, smartphones, AVRs, TVs, and sound bars.
  • Listeners can also experience Dolby Atmos Music in select nightclubs.

Dolby Atmos Tools, Optimized for Music

Seamless Integration And Compatibility

Dolby Atmos workflows are integrated into leading DAWs including Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Nuendo. The Dolby Atmos Music Panner will soon be available as an AU and AAX plug-in that works with Logic, Ableton, and Pro Tools on Mac.

Dolby Atmos Renderer

The Dolby Atmos Renderer is a software program that works alongside your DAW to create up to 128 objects and bed channels in a Dolby Atmos mix.

Dolby Atmos Production Suite

The Dolby Atmos Production Suite is the version of the Renderer that can be used on a single Mac computer, alongside your DAW. It is available for purchase via the Avid marketplace, or as a 30-day free trial via the Dolby Developer portal here.

Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite

The Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite offers all of the features of the Dolby Atmos Production Suite, in addition to advanced controls and features. It runs on a dedicated Mac or Windows computer (rendering and mastering workstation) connected via a MADI or Dante interface to a computer hosting a DAW. The Mastering Suite is available through authorized retailers.

Mix your music anywhere, including studios worldwide

You can mix your music in Dolby Atmos on your computer at home, or in Dolby Atmos-enabled studios around the world, including the iconic Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, Abbey Road Studios in London, and Blackbird in Nashville.

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